Monday, November 5, 2012

Please Read This Before Signing Up in

You've probably have heard about Neobux and it's super Paid To Click System that the news has been around the world of money making on the internet for awhile now. But me as a former member of this giant PTC is heavily disappointed with the TOS (Term of Service) offered, and how you earn money by investing, investing, investing until you realize that all this time, you're nothing but their play thing. 

So, with 1 year of experience in Neobux let me make this short for those of you who want to invest the money in this PTC, DO NOT INVEST. Is this PTC a scam? nope it's not a scam at all, but let me remind you that ONCE you make up your decision to join this business, you're in it until either you have reach a break even point or you just want to give up. And as a former member of this PTC, i am going to spread the news of their garbage plan. DO NOT JOIN THIS PTC!, here are the reasons:

All Referrals are bots
Think of yourself as one of my referrals, you join innocently and you KNOW that you won't be getting much dollar from just clicking advertisements, and you KNOW that in order to get more money, means to invest more money. What are you going to? If you commit, you will invest your money right? if not, why would you even bother clicking 3 days a week or 2 days a week if even for the whole 7 days a week you won't be getting much dollars???? Doesn't make any sense. You can still earn more from Google Adsense, your job, or by being a beggar in the city. And here's a little idea:
Look at the picture above, get something from it? that person/bot kind enough to spare the time to click 5 ads for a single day only!!! Look at more picture below
Wow!! *Clapping Hands*. Let make this a bit rational, so referral number 901 is a "human" and he/she makes one fake email to signed up in Neobux or using his/her real email address (whatever), and after registration, the person IDLES for 6 days, not showing any activity. huh?? Ask yourself this question, "if i want to join this PTC, what will be the first thing i would do?", clicking ads!!!! correct?? Now, read more post from below!

Prove That Referrals are bots
so, i was investing my money hoping that i will get more click, but nope! here's a little idea, if you have 9000 referrals, you will earn $70 or $65. How did i know this? experience!!! If you have 10,000 Referrals, you will earn $75. How did i know this? calculation!!! So heres how they do this business, when you have referrals, let say 6000 referrals, you can easily determine your earning by deducting the 6000 (or whatever refs you got) with 2000 then multiply the result with $0,01 (for golden or packs) = $40. $40 is your earning per day with 6000 referrals..

Beware! You Will Lose Money IF You Let Your Referrals Expired!
Read Their TOS number 3.4 : "Letting a referral expire will have a small fee ranging from $0.02 to $0.05 depending on your current membership/pack." So....... you invested your money to rent a referrals... and your money will be taken if you let it expired? that's weird!!

The More Refs You Got, The More You'll Have to Pay!
Yep that's right. Let say you have 1000 refs, you only have to pay for $48 for 150 referrals, but if you have more than 8000.. wow dude you have to pay like $179 for 150 referrals which only give you like a tini tiny little amount of earning.

Recycle To Earn More??? Bullshit!
Yeah RICH members always say this "you have to recycle", but let me tell you something based from my experience, I have got like 6541 referrals so i recycled some that are either dead or lazy to click, i recycled over 2000 referrals and WOWWW i earned $70 a day, increased from $44 a day! WOWW WOWOWOWOW, last only a week ~____~..... after that, back to normal... $44 per day. This if you see and read all the bolded points above, you will be thinking that they got some "game" inside the company. Yes they do..

You know what, save yourself, do not invest, join, or don't even look at this PTC. Join google adsense, make good content you'll earn thousands of dollards, without even investing a single penny. Good luck and God bless you all.


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